Conference Talk

  • Foveated Displays: Toward Classification of the Emerging Field SIGGRAPH Talk, 2019

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  • The Augmented Frontier: Challenges for Near Eye Display Computing ARIA, 2018

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  • Stretchable Transducers for Kinesthetic Interactions in Virtual Reality SIGGRAPH Talk, 2017

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  • Build your own game controller SIGGRAPH Studio, 2015

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  • Efficient Ray Tracing Architectures Dissertation, 2015

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    Technical Report

  • Toward Standardized Classification of Foveated Displays Tech Report, 2019

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  • SimTrax: Simulation Infrastructure for Exploring Thousands of Cores Tech Report, 2018

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  • OrbTouch: Recognizing Human Touch in Deformable Interfaces with Deep Neural Networks Tech Report, 2017

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  • An Approach to Data Prefetching Using 2-Dimensional Selection Criteria Tech Report, 2015

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  • Sphynx: A Shared Instruction Cache Exporatory Study Tech Report, 2014

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  • A Time-to-Recache Case Study Tech Report, 2014

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  • Qualitative Cache Performance Analysis Tech Report, 2013

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  • Time to Recache: Measuring Memory Miss Behavior Tech Report, 2011

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  • Fast, Effective BVH Updates for Dynamic Ray-Traced Scenes Using Tree Rotations Tech Report, 2011

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  • FirstPersonScience: Quantifying Psychophysics for First Person Shooter Tasks ESC, 2019

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  • Esports Arms Race: Latency and Refresh Rate for Competitive Gaming Tasks VSS, 2019

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  • Large-scale Synthetic Domain Randomized 6DoF Object Pose Estimation Dataset NECV, 2018

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  • Grid-Based Ray Tracing for a Parallel Computing Architecture HPG, 2009

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  • Comparing Incoherent Ray Performance of TRaX vs. Manta RT, 2008

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HMC Clinic Projects

At Harvey Mudd College I advised a few clinic projects with junior and senior level students paid for by companies. The following is a list of those projects and the people involved. Those before my name are students, after are liaisons from the company.

  • Fabiha Hannan, Cyrus Huang, Sebastian Krupa, Guillaume Legrain, Minh Triet Nguyen, Maggie Rabasca, Zachary Vickland, Tiancheng Yang, Josef Spjut, Philip Cheung, John McNeil, Jef Vivian. Design and Implementation of a Memory Testing Apparatus, Clinic Report for Dart Neuroscience, Harvey Mudd College, 116 pages, May 2015.
  • Olivier Cheng, Stephen Ibanez, Amy Ngai, Joshua Sanz, Avi Thaker, Josef Spjut, Alon Regev; Computer Network Testing, Clinic Report for Ixia, Harvey Mudd College, 48 pages, May 2015.
  • Antoine Billig, Chanel Chang, Austin Chen, Obosa Obazuaye, Jeffrey Steele, Sean Velazquez, Josef Spjut, Pradeep Batra, Adrian Torres, Julia Cline; USB 3.0 to Multi-Protocol Interface Adapter, Clinic Report for Rambus Incorporate, Harvey Mudd College, 183 pages, May 2014.
  • Dylan Stow, Carl Pearson, Jeffrey Steele, Shreyasha Paudel, Adam Parower, Gurchetan Singh, Dong-hyeon Park, Josef Spjut, Warren Furguson; Multiplicative Based Division, Clinic Report for Intel Corp, Harvey Mudd College, 117 pages, May 2013.
  • Allison Card, Kacyn Fujii, Hannah Kastein, Paula Ning, Matthew Tambara, Stephanie Fawaz, Josef Spjut, Sourabh Ravindran, Nitish Murthy, Immersive Audio Game Development Kit Clinic Report for Texas Instruments, Harvey Mudd College, 110 pages, May 2013.


I've been fortunate to work with a large number of talented people. The ones I've worked with on research are listed below. Email me if you think you should be on this list and you aren't.

Past Research Students

Eric Storm '15, Ivan Wong '15, Skyler Williams '16, Ramy Elminyawi '16, Amy Ngai '16, Richard Piersall '16, Kirklann Lau '16, Andrew Fishberg '16, Da Eun Shim '16, Fabiha Hannan '16, Paul Jolly '16, Dong-hyeon Park '14, Sami Mourad '14, Akhil Bagaria '16, Andrew Carter '13, Paula Ning '13, Max Korbel '13, Katherine Yang '15

Current and Recent Collaborators

Adam Marrs, Anjul Patney, Ben Boudaoud, Benjamin Mac Murray, Bob Alfieri, Bryan Peele, Cem Yuksel, Chris Larson, Daniel Kopta, David Luebke, Elena Vasiou, Erik Brunvand, Gordon D. Love, Henry Fuchs, Holger Gruen, Ian Mallett, Jonghyun Kim, Jose Barreiros, Kaan Aksit, Kishore Rathinavel, Konstantin Shkurko, Margrit Betke, Martin S. Banks, Mona Jalal, Morgan McGuire, Niveditha Kalavakonda, Omer Shapira, Patricia Xu, Peter Shirley, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Pratul Srinivasan, Rahul Sathe, Ren Ng, Robert Shepherd, Ross Knepper, Steven A. Cholewiak, Tim Grant, Trey Greer, Turner Whitted, Ward Lopes

Past Collaborators

Akhil Bagaria, Al Davis, Andrew Carter, Andrew Fishberg, Andrew Kensler, David Nellans, David Sheldon, Dong-hyeon Park, Eric Storm, Fabiha Hannan, Frank Vahid, Jean Sung, Kirklann Lau, Max Korbel, Mike Parker, Niladrish Chatterjee, Paula Ning, Rajeev Balasubramonian, Richard Piersall, Roman Lysecky, Samuli Laine, Scott Sirowy, Sebastian Krupa, Seth Pugsley, Solomon Boulos, Spencer Kellis, Steven Parker, Tero Karras, Thiago Ize, Timo Aila