My hobbies include music, composition, reading, writing, gaming, and game design. If I ever get enough time, I’ll spend some of it trying out new ways to design games and explore interactive computing entertainment. Here are a couple things I’ve done.

Wizard Fight Race 7II

Starting at 9:30 am on March 15, 2012, for about 72 hours, I led a small group of 4 total contributors in creating a simple arcade-style hack-and-slash game using the Unity3D game engine. You can read about the project, download the game, or even play it using a web plugin.


As part of a group project as an undergrad we designed a game very similar to the hack and slash game Gauntlet. I released the source code on google code and continue to work on it from time to time. It can be found on github. I developed the OpenGL rendering front end on my own after the initial project was finished.

Wizard Fight Race 7II