Google Cardboard compatilbe iOS apps

I got a Google Cardboard last week at SIGGRAPH and since I don’t own an Android phone, I set out to find a way to use my iPhone to try it out. The first thing I noticed is that there were no web pages easily found that mentioned a list of apps that are compatible with it, even without including the magnetic switch for input. What follows is a short list of apps I discovered on my search:

iPhone 5S Release

I bought my first iPhone 2 years ago in October of 2011. I got the 5th iPhone then, the one called the iPhone 4S (or force for short). Two years have passed and I was eligible for a subsidized upgrade on the 7th iPhone, which they call iPhone 5S (is that SS or 55?). I decided I wanted to get the new upgrade, so I went ahead and ordered one online just after midnight when they went on sale.