Google Cardboard compatilbe iOS apps

I got a Google Cardboard last week at SIGGRAPH and since I don’t own an Android phone, I set out to find a way to use my iPhone to try it out. The first thing I noticed is that there were no web pages easily found that mentioned a list of apps that are compatible with it, even without including the magnetic switch for input. What follows is a short list of apps I discovered on my search:

  • DI 360 lets you replay a 3d video captured while tracking your head movements so you can experience whatever part of the video you want just by looking around. You have to press a button on the touchscreen to switch it to VR mode, but it’s an interesting experience once you do.
  • ZOMBIE dive is a simple empty world where zombies come at you from random directions and you have to shoot them. The shotgun is on autofire so you just have to look at the zombies to keep them from getting you.
  • Refugio3D is a virtual walk through of a couple interesting places, including a spaceship interior. It allows walking forward by looking down to toggle walking or standing still.

After I found these, I CBS News posted an article listing a few more options, but I have yet to try them. There may even be some overlap between our lists.

In case you want to buy one, DODO Case is selling them for about $25.

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