Jekyll Bootstrap: rake post

I recently discovered a new feature that comes with Jekyll bootstrap, but I’m unsure whether it is only in JB, or if it comes by default with Jekyll. There is a Rakefile (which is sort of like a Makefile, but written in Ruby) that includes a few nice functions. The one I discovered most recently allows you to create a new blog post complete with the YAML frontmatter and the proper file name for Jekyll to do the right thing with. The usage is as follows:

# Usage: rake post title="A Title" [date="2012-02-09"] [tags=[tag1, tag2]]

If you omit all of the optional arguments, then rake post will create a new post on today’s date titled “New Post” with the default values for everything else. I personally prefer to include a title in my rake command to get the correct file name from the beginning.

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