A Busy Semester

This semester has been extremely exciting. In particular, E85 has been updated from MIPS to use the ARM v7 instructions set. This has been a good experience for me despite some difficulties and a few moments of intensity where I wasn’t sure things would come together in time. In doing this, I’ve come to learn a lot about the ARM ISA, and I’ve decided I like it a lot. In particular, I think it strikes a reasonably good balance between RISC and CISC instructions where there are a couple nice addressing modes for stack manipulation that aren’t quite RISC, but are close enough.

An example of the niceness can be seen by the following code for stack manipulation:

ADD SP, SP, #-12
STR R0, [SP, #8]
STR R1, [SP, #4]
STR R2, [SP, #0]
LDR R0, [SP, #8]
LDR R1, [SP, #4]
LDR R2, [SP, #0]
ADD SP, SP, #12

This code can be effectively replaced by the following which updates the stack pointer as the values are written or read from the stack:

STR R0, [SP, #-4]!
STR R1, [SP, #-4]!
STR R2, [SP, #-4]!
LDR R2, [SP], #4
LDR R1, [SP], #4
LDR R0, [SP], #4

MIPS did not have the option to manipulate the stack pointer while changing it from a single instruction. I think this additional understanding will be useful for many of the students in the class in their future careers.

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