Submitting my first article to arXiv

Today I submitted a technical report done by my students over the last academic year. It took a while to get the write-up to the level of quality that I felt good about submitting it, but now that it’s there, I figured I should push it out. I used arXiv to post it since they make it easy to publish a technical report while not preventing you from submitting the work to another venue such as a conference or journal at a later date. I used Latex to write the paper, and in preparing the submission, there were a couple modifications I had to make to get it accepted by the system.

First, I had to include a line that says \pdfoutput=1 somewhere in the first 5 lines of the main tex file I submitted.

Second, I had to include the main.bbl file that was generated locally as part of my build process. It appears that they don’t actually need the .bib file and only care about the .bbl.

Next, my particular document used a style sheet called jpaper.cls that had a strange error with how it includes the hyperref package. The relevant lines that I had to comment out are below (comments added):

% Link and URL formatting.
%  \RequirePackage{hyperref}
%  \hypersetup{
%    unicode=true,
%    pdfstartview={FitH},
%    colorlinks=true,
%    %citecolor=black,
%    %filecolor=black,
%    %linkcolor=black,
%    %urlcolor=black
% }}{}

Finally, I had an issue with figures I included that I think had to do with how I uploaded all of the source material. Since I submitted each file separately instead of part of a compressed folder, the graphics I was trying to include were now a part of the root directory instead of being present in the graphics subdirectory that I use locally. Luckily, there was a straightforward fix that I think I’ll include in my future documents by default because it’s much cleaner than what I’ve done traditionally. In the main .tex file include a line like the following:

% graphics path
\graphicspath{ {./graphics/} }

Then, instead of including the relative path to everything in the graphics path, just include the graphics directly as in this example:

\caption{Partly shared instruction caches}
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