Submitting my first article to arXiv

Today I submitted a technical report done by my students over the last academic year. It took a while to get the write-up to the level of quality that I felt good about submitting it, but now that it’s there, I figured I should push it out. I used arXiv to post it since they make it easy to publish a technical report while not preventing you from submitting the work to another venue such as a conference or journal at a later date.

Multiple Author Affiliations in LaTeX

I’ve recently had the pleasure of updating a recent journal article submission with my list of affiliations. On the article, there are 5 authors, and among them, I am the only one with different affiliations, though I share the other affiliation with the rest of the authors. After some quick googling on how I should perform this, I came up with the following snippet of code that should have worked.